How Norkol Logistics Keeps Our Customers Competitive

No one likes watching something beyond their control negatively impact their bottom line, but that’s what relying on vendor logistics often forces customers to do. With all of the variables capable of disrupting deliveries of essential paper and packaging products, the adaptability and efficiency of logistics are paramount in protecting the customer’s investment. At Norkol, our logistics operation works to keep our customers moving forward, no matter what the weather or the supply chain throws at us.

Efficient Logistics Reduces Waste

Inefficient shipping causes unnecessary expenses, burns through resources, and lengthens delivery time. Not only do these problems cost businesses more money, they waste fossil fuels and compound the environmental footprint of an operation. Norkol’s goal as a paper and packaging provider is to solve these types of problems, and implementing an efficient logistics strategy is how we strive to avoid them altogether.

The most consequential way to keep logistics running like a well-oiled machine is by shortening shipping routes. Longer routes are not only inconvenient, they increase the likelihood of product damage, balloon fuel costs, and are more likely to result in higher prices for the customer. Norkol reduces the length of our shipping routes by strategically locating our product warehouses in Texas, Illinois, and Delaware. As a result, customers across the country can conveniently take advantage of our cost-efficient logistics operation and have greater confidence that their product will arrive intact.

Efficient Logistics Keeps Business On Schedule

When we’re running late, so are our customers, which is why Norkol’s logistics exhausts all available options to keep us on schedule. With an adaptable, flexible strategy, our Just In Time (JIT) delivery service prevents work stoppage and systems hiccups from impacting our customers.

An adaptable logistics operation is also a diverse one, providing alternative shipping solutions during delays and accidents that can arise with little forewarning. When one shipping line is down due to tropical storms in the Southeast or wildfires in the Rockies, another method can always be explored. Norkol utilizes a combination of motor, ocean, rail, and intermodal check that shipping solutions to keep our logistics flexible and responsive to the events beyond our control.

Another advantage of implementing diverse, adaptable logistics is the ability to travel beyond borders. Using our own diverse system, Norkol can reliably and timely ship our products both nationally and internationally. No matter where you hail from, we know that our customer’s time is valuable, which is why our efficient, flexible logistics operation works to keep you on schedule and ahead of the competition.

For more information on Norkol’s cost-saving logistics services, connect with one of our team members via the Contact page.