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Norkol packages your products the right way, so you can get your product
from point A to point B without any costly accidents in between!

Maximize LTL freight protection with Norkol.

Protecting your product in transit begins long before it’s loaded onto the freight.
The proper industrial packaging is key to ensuring your product will make it to it’s destination undamaged.

Mitigate Damage
Prevent Unnecessary Costs
Keep Operations Running Smoothly
Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Your Product is safe with us


Since 1986, Norkol has been a leader in delivering paper products and industrial packaging solutions.

Experts Your Can Trust

Norkol employees are required to go through intensive training to ensure all packaging meets our standards!

Quality Guaranteed

Our extensive catalog of paper & packaging products are hand-selected by our team of experts to ensure quality.

Customers First Policy

We make our customers and their needs our first priority. Our team is dedicated to supporting our customers every step of the way.


Choose Norkol today,

save BIG tomorrow

with Norkol freight packaging solutions, you can feel confident your products will arrive in pristine shape. Save your business time and resources , while keeping your customers happy and operations running on schedule.

Our premium packaging products for ltl frieight

What’s inside the box?

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Norkol’s premium internal packaging products guarantee stability and protection for even the most fragile items.

Stretch Wrap

Norkol offers a wide variety of stretch wrap solutions for a wide range of industrial supply use cases. Our hand wrap options include blown , cast , and pre-stretch, while our cutting-edge stretch wrap machine provides blown or cast stretch. We also offer custom solutions for unique business needs.

Packing Newsprint

Secure your product with a packing newsprint by Norkol. We offer packing newsprint at a range of different predetermined sizes, as well as custom options that can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

Paper Moving Pads

Gain peace of mind by doubling down on internal packaging protection with Norkol paper moving pads. They’re 100% recyclable and High Performance, which means they’re not only strong, but non-woven and puncture-resistant.


Now think outside the box !

You’re never fully protected without external packaging. From pallet covers to dunnage bags, Norkol has everything you need to secure your boxes in freight transit and mitigate damage.

Pallet Strapping

Gain added assurance by bundling your pallets together with Norkol pallet strapping. Choose from varying grades of strength. Our pallet strapping can be secured by hand or with our state of the art machinery.

Corner Boards

Secure your product with a packing newsprint by Norkol. We offer Strengthen the edges of your boxes to keep them from collapsing under pressure with corner boards by Norkol. Our corner boards are a simple , but highly effective way to protect your product.


Pallet Covers 

Keep your pallet and all that it contains protected from external damage with Norkol pallet covers. Choose from our standard lengths and sizes , or customize a solution that’s tailored to your business for full, top or bottom coverage.


Dunnage Bags 

Stabilize your pallets for complete freight protection with Norkol dunnage bags. Our dunnage bags immobalize your stacked pallets to keep your products stable and protected , even on the bumpiest rides.

Protect your product.
Protect your reputation.

First impressions are important. The condition of your shipment’s packaging upon arrival is the first thing your

customers see and sets the tone for the quality of your product. Guarantee a great impression with the proper freight packaging and Norkol’s expertise!

How to protect your product in Freight Transit

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Use the right amount of tape. When a package is improperly sealed, Your’re putting your products at elevated risk of damages. 
Pressure-sensitive , water-friendly adhesive that are least 2 inches in width are the best option.


Choose the right pallets! Facilitate efficient handling by making sure you choose the correct sized pallets. Avoid pallet overhang and stack pallets in a column pattern directly on top of one another to generate maximum compression strength.


Protect your pallet. In addition to corner boards and pallet strapping, you can layer corrugated cardboard between freight and pallets to help reduce any shifting and absorb shock, maximize stability between vertical crates , and serve as a layer against external elements.


Secure your freight. When in doubt – double up. Use as many freight packaging supplies together to maintain the integrity of your shipment and prevent damage during transport.

Innovative Solutions

For more than 50 years, we’ve continued to shape the paper  packaging industry with our creative solutions and problem-solving mentality.

Rapid Turnaround

We’ll not only meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them with our rapid turnaround rates. You can trust that you’ll get your products on time.

Sustainable Practices

We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and keeping our pactices sustainable. Norkol maintains several green certifications to hold true to our values of sustainability and integrity.

Maximize your freight packaging protection.

Minimize risk , prevent damages and save yourself valuable resources with
Norkol freight shipping and packaging supplies.