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Infographic: Fun Facts About Our Gift Giving Ways

Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, whether it’s buying presents, gift bags, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, or all of them. Here are some fun facts about our gift giving ways.

Direct Mail and Plastic Packaging are Alive and Well

Paper and packaging uses aren’t just on the rise this Halloween season, they have been alive and well for years. A common misconception of these products is that they are outdated in today’s digital and eco-friendly world. We put together this infographic to explain how that is simply not the case.

Customer Service: What ‘Going Above & Beyond’ Looks Like

The Norkol family began our business problem-solving for customers in ways the converting industry had never seen. ‘Going above and beyond’ isn’t just a catchphrase for us, it’s the cornerstone of our company. With our hundreds of employees across the country participating in this culture of customer service, Norkol has created all kinds of transformational […]

Maximize Your Quality Paperboard Stock with Versatile Valor Board

Norkol strives to innovate and problem solve every day, which is why we are introducingour own private-label paperboard. Paperboard is already a staple packaging material, but efficiently sourcing the highest quality brands isn’t always simple for our customers. With Valor Board, our paperboard customers can now access the highest quality, dependable paperboard materials with ease.  […]

Pressure Sensitive Technology

Pressure sensitive materials are as diverse are they are widely available. These materials are used just about everywhere for a reason: they are safe, cost effective, and highly specialized by industry. Different Pressure Sensitive Adhesives   The basic concept of pressure sensitive material is fairly straightforward. Pressure sensitive material, often used to make product labels, […]

Norkol More Than Doubles Annual Donation to National Alliance on Mental Illness

NORTHLAKE, IL (February 26, 2019) – Norkol, one of the largest independently owned paper and packaging providers in the nation, has reaffirmed its commitment to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) by more than doubling it’s 2017 annual gift in 2018. Half of the total donation has gone to the national organization headquartered in […]

Paperboard Packaging Works For Both Brands & Consumers

As seen in Packaging Strategies Paperboard packaging is a staple for food and pharmaceuticals brands because it’s easily sourced and cost effective — but there’s more to paperboard than convenience. With the popularity of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals and shelf-stable packaged food products, quality paperboard packaging in both substance and design is an asset for both […]

New Year, New Upgrades For Inventory Management & Operations

At Norkol, there’s no ceiling on continuous improvement. Just in time for 2019, Norkol has implemented Hawkpoint and is in the process of implementing cieTrade systems to revamp operational tracking and inventory management. We can’t wait to tell you all about the ways we’re making service faster, production smoother, and efficiency higher. Inventory Management & […]

Efficient Logistics Keeps Our Customers Competitive

No one likes watching something beyond their control negatively impact their bottom line, but that’s what relying on vendor logistics often forces customers to do. With all of the variables capable of disrupting deliveries of essential paper and packaging products, the adaptability and efficiency of logistics are paramount in protecting the customer’s investment. At Norkol, […]

How Norkol Keeps Packaging Cost Effective

The cost of procuring packaging can go up and down depending on supply chain dynamics, raw material availability, regulatory changes, and transportation costs, but our customers’ budgets tend to be a lot less variable. It takes an agile, flexible network of packaging sources and logistics services to prevent market changes from impacting customers. This is […]

Paper Converting Technology For Better Products & Better Prices

Norkol’s continued effort to beef up the equipment arsenal that keeps our operation turning — literally — shouldn’t come as a surprise. Leveraging technology to solve problems and improve service has been part of the Norkol brand since the early days of Norbert and Mary Ellen’s converting operation. To keep our customers and partners in […]

50 Years of Norkol: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

The Norkol dream started 50 years ago in 1968 with the ambition and creativity of Norbert and Mary Ellen Kolinski. Since our beginning as a small, Midwestern converting services operation, Norbert and May Ellen’s problem-solving spirit drove our brand and kept us innovating. Today, Norkol stands as one of America’s largest independently owned converters and […]

Packaging Has A Role At Every Stage of Product Development

Marketing professionals and branding experts may naturally place greater emphasis on consumer-facing packaging, but packaging experts know that paper and plastic serves a role at every stage in the realization of a consumer product, from manufacturing and transport, to retail marketing efficacy and shelf-life predictions. Though the breadth of industries served by behind-the-scenes paper and […]

Style vs. Function? New Packaging Technology Can Do Both

Packaging is paramount in retail marketing, and everyone working to promote the world’s largest brands depends on it. Consumers are increasingly demanding higher levels of convenience, personalization, and environmentally-friendly packaging options from their favorite companies, and it’s necessary to leverage aesthetic and functional components in order to compete with other products on the shelf. With […]

Flexible Packaging Innovations Ahead!

Flexible packaging is one of the most convenient, impactful, and cost-effective packaging options on the market. Unfortunately, it’s only been available to large national brands with big budgets and bigger inventory – until now. For the first time available in the US, an innovative flexible packaging manufacturer is leveraging digital printing technology and a disruptive […]

Paper or Plastic?

Paper or plastic? The phrase immediately sparks images of grocery store checkout lines. Just like consumers choose paper or plastic for their practical needs or preference, your business may consider looking into the two specialty products when making a packaging decision for your food products. Plastic Packaging Let’s face it, plastic is everywhere in the […]

Product Matters: Commercial Printing and Publication Paper

In any endeavor, you want to make sure you use the right tool for the job. But just like you wouldn’t use a butter knife to trim back tree branches, you also wouldn’t use a machete at the dinner table.  It’s not about what’s bigger, heavier, or more expensive; it’s about what meets your needs […]

One of the Helpers

Mr. Rogers, one of America’s favorite television personalities, often told a story of when he was a boy and would see troubling things on the news: “My mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Steps Norkol Takes to Limit Its Environmental Impact

In our global economy, businesses need to be able to get their products from their plant to their warehouse and to retailers across the nation and across the globe quickly without damaging the product. Damaged product also damages the bottom line, making packaging a critical player in the world economy. While environmental concern and awareness […]

NAMI Partnership

Norkol is pleased to announce that as of July 2017 we are officially partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as a StigmaFree Company.

The Strength of Industrial Packaging

Norkol protects your products when they are on the move through the use of our industrial packaging products.