Maximize Your Quality Paperboard Stock with Versatile Valor Board

Norkol strives to innovate and problem solve every day, which is why we are introducingour own private-label paperboard. Paperboard is already a staple packaging material, but efficiently sourcing the highest quality brands isn’t always simple for our customers. With Valor Board, our paperboard customers can now access the highest quality, dependable paperboard materials with ease. 

Valor Board Features and Benefits as a Quality Paperboard

Valor Board is as top-of-the-line as it gets with quality paperboard. Its exceptional coating capacity, printability, stiffness, and excellent die-cutting performance allows our customers to be as creative as they want to be. Valor Board is also an ideal material for scoring, folding, gluing, and is a sharp 94 brightness.  

This new private-label paperboard solution is also perfect for folding carton applications. As an SBS alternative, Valor Board is more affordable because of its significant basis weight advantage. As a high quality, consistent paperboard, Valor Board surpasses competing paperboard options in virtually every measure.

What does this mean for Norkol customers? Using Valor Board allows for greater yield and cost savings. That’s the beauty of private-label products. Norkol can provide a solution with all the quality and functional use our customers want from premium brands without breaking their budget. 

Sourcing with Valor Board Streamlines Customer Operations

Given its functional benefits, Valor Board can serve as a quality paperboard for a wide range of finished packaging and marketing materials. In addition to folding cartons, Valor Board makes great retail packaging, set-up boxes, promotional materials, POP displays, sleeves, carriers, folders, slide charts, and direct mail. This is important because using the same reliable material for multiple products helps our customers keep their materials consistent without sacrificing quality or performance. 

In addition to versatility, Valor Board can also be easily and efficiently sourced. This is great news for operations manufacturing a wide range of finished paperboard products. Sourcing with a versatile material like this web page Valor Board simplifies inventory, keeps costs down, and helps packaging converters stay lean. When Norkol gives our customers the tools to create more efficient systems, everyone wins. 

Just like our standard paper converting services, Valor Board is also accessible through Norkol’s convenient JIT delivery system. Using our extensive logistics network, we can make such a staple product more readily available all over the country. This helps to prevent delays and keep production moving for our customers. 

That’s really what creating Valor Board is all about: making business faster, easier, and more cost effective for the customer. For more information on our latest private-label product, connect with Norkol team member here.