New Year, New Upgrades For Inventory Management

At Norkol, there’s no ceiling on continuous improvement. Just in time for 2019, Norkol has implemented Hawkpoint and is in the process of implementing cieTrade systems to revamp operational tracking and inventory management. We can’t wait to tell you all about the ways we’re making service faster, production smoother, and efficiency higher. 

Inventory Management & Data Tracking With cieTrade

After first rolling out the cieTrade operating system in June of this year, Norkol has leveraged this technology to wholistically streamline our existing inventory and data tracking systems like never before. CieTrade’s data cataloguing and retrieval capabilities allows Norkol to more easily monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), making our existing processes digitally synergistic and real-time sensitive. With the new sophisticated tracking available, Norkol can do more of what we do best. 

What does that mean for the customer? CieTrade gives us access to easy reporting, real-time inventory and work-in-progress tracking, as well as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for shipping documents and invoices. Both EDI and real-time important link methods for tracking inventory and orders allow us to provide even faster, more seamless service to our customers. Not only can we electronically send and retain invoices and documentation, we can retrieve those records for customers with ease when needed. We’ve always believed that better systems at Norkol means better service for the customer, and upgrading our operating system is our latest opportunity to raise our standards even higher. 

Production & Inventory Management With Hawkpoint

Hawkpoint is a production management system designed specifically for the converting industry, and Norkol is leveraging it to streamline workflow, manage inventory, and reduce waste at our converting operation. By integrating Norkol’s shop floor, materials requirements planning (MRP), and dashboard reporting software systems, Hawkpoint seamlessly tracks our entire production. 

How does that help converting services customers? In an industry where our paper and packaging converting operation can heavily impact your supply chain, Hawkpoint’s inventory management capabilities helps us do all we can to keep our customers competitive. Improved coordination between each of our tracking and reporting systems allows Norkol to increase the timeliness of our operation through more accurate documentation. With a better understanding of the equipment, processes, and product available, we have greater opportunities to offer transformational service to the customer. In terms of efficiency, this production and inventory management upgrade also supports Norkol’s waste reduction initiatives designed to make the most of our resources.

Implementing and integrating both cieTrade and Hawkpoint was a major team effort for the Norkol family, and we’re proud to lead a team of people dedicated to continuously improving processes and services for our customers. For more information on the ways Norkol continually works to make our products and services better for the customer, connect with an industry expert via the Contact page.