Paper Converting Technology For Better Products, Better Prices

Norkol’s continued effort to beef up the equipment arsenal that keeps our operation turning — literally — shouldn’t come as a surprise. Leveraging technology to solve problems and improve service has been part of the Norkol brand since the early days of Norbert and Mary Ellen’s converting operation. To keep our customers and partners in the loop on our growing paper converting services, here’s an inside look at the tech that’s powering Norkol today.

Paper Converting With the RollRazor™

The RollRazor™ is capable of resizing paper rolls without sacrificing the mill’s original density characteristics for converting jobs that require a single cut at a time. By expanding our converting options and reducing waste, we allow look at more info our customers another converting alternative that fulfills quick turnaround orders with high quality product.

However, improved speed and paper quality aren’t the only features that make this innovative tech an exceptional piece of converting equipment. Thanks to the RollRazor™, our customers also receive precisely sized rolls of paper cut exactly to their specifications, without sacrificing cost-efficacy or turnaround speed.

Paper Converting With Accu-Trim & Digital Printing

Accu-Trim software is used in a range of industries and applications to ensure precision cutting when it’s needed most. When Accu-trim automated cutting technology is integrated with converting equipment specifically, it results in the highest level of precision.

At Norkol, our sheeting services are guided by Accu-Trim automation. With Accu-Trim-guided sheeting, Norkol can provide precision folio sheeting for Offset and Digital printing applications too. As the printing and converting industries become increasingly reliant on automation like Accu-Trim and Digital Printing, Norkol is taking the opportunity to expand upon our existing services, while maintaining consistency and product integrity. As a Mill Certified operation, we feature tried and true Mill Converting Programs to ensure that every new process is an improvement on the last iteration.

Paper Converting With the Stanford Center Winder

The latest addition to the Norkol converting family is our brand new Stanford Center Winder. We chose our newest acquisition because it answers the industry demand for both adhesive converting capacity, and for its ability to produce small to medium-sized rolls of product.

The Center Winder has the unique capacity to wind and apply pressure sensitive adhesive label stock, while maintaining tension control. Center winding technology in particular is ideal for delicate materials where it’s important to produce a more loosely-packed finished roll. With the Stanford Center Winder, Norkol can prepare gently wound rolls of adhesive-coated paper in small to medium-sized rolls without damaging the quality of more delicate paper labels.

From winding and trimming, to roll-resizing and digital printing, our converting arsenal has you covered with the best technology the industry has to offer. For more information on how you can benefit from the RollRazor™, Accu-Trim, or the Stanford Center Winder, visit our Contact Page to connect with a Norkol converting expert.