Pressure Sensitive Technology

Pressure sensitive materials are as diverse are they are widely available. These materials are used just about everywhere for a reason: they are safe, cost effective, and highly specialized by industry.

Different Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The basic concept of pressure sensitive material is fairly straightforward. Pressure sensitive material, often used to make product labels, postage stamps, decals, and packaging tape, is made up of a face stock, an adhesive, and a release liner. When pressure is applied, the adhesive forms a bond with the surface it is applied to. There are a wide range of adhesives and substrates used to create pressure sensitive materials, and each one is designed for specific industries and applications.

One of the most durable types of pressure sensitive material uses all-temp adhesive. Other common adhesives can degrade in high heat or below freezing conditions, but all-temp adhesives will maintain their bonds even when used in freezers or in outdoor applications.

Other pressure sensitive materials will usually use standard permanent adhesives, which work well on most general applications, such as shipping labels, price labels, and product labels.

More heavy-duty applications may require a synthetic face stock with a high-tack permanent adhesive. Safety warning stickers on equipment, electrical infrastructure, and machinery typically rely on these types of permanent glues.

However, not all pressure sensitive material needs to withstand a scorching engine room or the test of time. Other pressure sensitive products like temporary name tags and packaging tape need to come off at some point — and that’s where removable adhesives come into play. Removable or temporary labels are actually some of the most widely used and versatile forms of pressure sensitive products.

In addition to all-temp, permanent, and temporary adhesives, other types of pressure sensitive products require specialty glues for use in medical devices and food and beverage applications. The different kinds of face stocks and adhesives available are as numerous as the industries pressure sensitive products are designed to serve.

What Do We Use Pressure Sensitive Products For?

At Norkol, we provide an entire line of pressure sensitive materials for label converters to then convert into actual end-user products. From flexographic printable face stock to thermal printable to jumbo rolls of uncoated laser paper, the pressure sensitive products we provide eventually wind up in places such as hospitals, retail stores, offices, and restaurants.

Some customers in the wine and beer industry label their bottles with specialty pressure sensitive label material designed to withstand condensation and cold temperatures. Consumer brands also use a variety of pressure sensitive labels on paperboard packaging, cosmetics, and snack foods.

The logistics and packaging industry also heavily consumes pressure sensitive products. From postage stamps to shipping labels, bulk adhesive-coated materials can be converted into a wide range of essential products to support online retailers and postal service providers. Those same industries often overlap with inventory services, which also utilizes pressure sensitive labeling to catalogue goods and materials organized in warehouses and storage facilities.

However, pressure sensitive products go beyond labeling. In the healthcare industry, pressure sensitive materials can even be used for medical devices like EKG electrodes, bandages, and athletic tape. Specialty decals and bumper stickers used in marketing can also be developed from coated pressure sensitive material.

Just about every industry uses pressure sensitive products in some capacity. With so many different types of specialized face stocks and adhesive technology, there’s a pressure sensitive solution for everyone. For more information on pressure sensitive products, connect with a Norkol team member via our Contact page.