One of Nation’s Largest, Family-Owned Paper and Packaging Companies to Relocate

Norkol Converting Corporation, one of the largest family-owned paper and packaging providers in the nation, announced today that it is relocating to a new facility in Montgomery, Illinois.

After 37 years in Northlake, Illinois, the move will enable the company to expand its operations and provide even better service to its customers. The new facility, located at 900 Knell Road, features 330,000 square feet of warehouse space, with room to grow, and will continue to be rail served with BNSF.

“This move sets the foundation for us to continue our growth and expansion into new manufacturing and distribution opportunities,” states Chief Strategy Officer, Mallory Kolinski. “We have four members of the third generation working in the business now and we have every intention of passing the torch to the fourth generation when they are ready.”

To avoid disruption to customers, the move will be conducted progressively in Spring 2024. Norkol will utilize its five sheeters and 3 rewinders to provide over 120,000 tons of sheeting and 90,000 tons of rewinding/slitting. In addition, the new facility will allow for storage capacity of 40,000 tons of paper.

“Over the past several years, we have transformed our business model to better serve paper and packaging mills in reaching their Midwest customers. We currently operate as a third-party converter, warehousing and logistics provider and distributor for six mills in North America, Asia and Europe,” said CEO, Martin Kolinski. “In our new location, we will continue to expand our service model for these partners as we bring on new equipment and increase our overall capacity.”

In addition to its new facility, the company is also pursuing its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification to continue to serve food grade customers in a secure environment.

Information on the full range of converting capabilities offered by Norkol can be found online at For specific questions or concerns about the move, please contact your sales rep or call us at 708-531-1000.