Norkol has always strived to have the latest and best technology available.

Our Latest Technological Upgrade:

The RollRazor™

NORKOL is proud to feature best-in-class equipment, and the RollRazor™ is the latest addition to our paper converting arsenal. Invented by a 20-year paper industry veteran, the Mapleroc RollRazor™ resizes paper rolls without sacrificing the mill’s original density characteristics, eliminating the extra step of rewinding. The result is a pristine roll of paper cut exactly to the specifications of our customers, more efficiently and precisely than ever before.

The RollRazor™ streamlines our paper converting processes and eliminates waste, allowing our customers a greener, faster option for their quick turnaround orders.

Pioneering with RollRazor™ Technology

Not only is NORKOL’s RollRazor™ a well-honed third generation product, it is the first one to ever be installed for high-end production in the world. This is just one of many ways NORKOL continues to push ahead in the paper converting industry with sustainable, waste saving technology.

The RollRazor™ helps us help you by providing a higher quality product in an increasingly fast-paced printing and converting market. For more information on what the RollRazor™ can do for you, contact the NORKOL family and stay ahead of the technological curve