Stretch Wrap

NORKOL provides stretch wrap as an industrial packaging solution, keeping your materials safe while in storage or transit.

Stretch wrap is different from shrink wrap in that it does not require heat exposure in order to tightly bind materials, and can be either manually wrapped or run through automated or semi-automated wrapping equipment. The material has a stretch capacity of 500%, but usually only requires up to 300% stretch when in use, and is puncture resistant.

As the importance of workplace efficiency increases in our globalizing economy, stretch wrap helps your warehouse stay more organized, your products more secure and less prone to damage, and your logistics strategy working as intended. Simple industrial packaging solutions like stretch wrap keep workflow moving forward.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap

  • Improved stability of products or packages, forming a unit load
  • More efficient handling and storage of unit loads
  • Dust and moisture protection
  • Tamper resistance and resistance to package pilferage
  • Sun protection (UV stretch wraps)
  • Extend shelf life of certain foods
Rolls of Stretch Wrap
Rolls and Pallet of Stretch Wrap
Rolls of Stretch Wrap 2
Norkol stretch wrap 2

Stretch Wrap Products

At NORKOL, we offer two different kind of stretch wrap: blown and cast. Blown stretch wrap is produced when resin is melted and extruded through an annular die, then air-cooled. This is a slower process but provides for higher quality stretch wrap that is stronger, more puncture resistant, and protective overall. Cast stretch wrap is made when the film is extruded through a slot die, then passed over cooling rollers. This makes the cooling process faster, and the final product less expensive, and thin enough to allow RFID and other scanning technology to pass through it.


  • Tougher and more puncture resistant
  • Higher load and stretch capacity
  • Higher level of cling
  • Available as Hand Wrap


  • Clear, glossy finish to accommodate RFID and other scanning technology
  • Unwinds more quietly than blown stretch wrap
  • Available as Hand Wrap and Machine Wrap

Available Sizes


• Hand/Blown – 18” x 80 Gauge x 1500’


• Hand/Cast – 18” x 1500′ x 63 Gauge

• Machine/Cast – 20” x 5000′ x 63 Gauge

• Machine/Cast – 20” x 5000′ x 80 Gauge

• Machine/Cast – 20” x 9000′ x 55 Gauge

Nation-wide Availability and Convenience

For all stretch wrap product orders, our coast-to-coast business infrastructure allows Norkol to serve customers both large and small, while our traditional approach to doing business guarantees the same attention to detail and personal experience expected from the small family-owned business we started out as.

As with any of Norkol’s product offerings, you can expect the following benefits from us from a paper products order:

  • Quality, attractive industrial packaging products
  • Wide variety of alternative options to facilitate cost savings and ensure integrity of your order
  • Logistical services to accommodate your unique business needs, such as “Just-In-Time delivery”, consignment, inventory management programs, and adaptability for quick turnaround jobs and last minute increases.

For information on how stretch wrap can transform your operation, get in touch with NORKOL today via our Contact page. We look forward to introducing you to the NORKOL way of doing business.