How Norkol Keeps Packaging Cost Effective

The cost of procuring packaging can go up and down depending on supply chain dynamics, raw material availability, regulatory changes, and transportation costs, but our customers’ budgets tend to be a lot less variable. It takes an agile, flexible network of packaging sources and logistics services to prevent market changes from impacting customers. This is how Norkol works behind the scenes to keep costs in check for our customers.

Norkol Makes Every Attempt To Protect Customers From Packaging Price Increases

One of the keys to preventing price increases as a packaging provider is diverse sourcing. In the complicated, interdependent global materials marketplace, a forest fire or mill shut-down in South America can impact the selling price of packaging manufactured in Ohio. However, thanks to that same diverse global marketplace, it’s possible to access quality alternatives when one option is no longer cost effective for the customer. Norkol procures our packaging products from a range of reputable domestic and international suppliers to keep cost effective packaging regularly available.

Like diverse sourcing, a diverse logistics operation also allows Norkol to stay agile with multiple cost effective options for getting product to the customer. The price of fuel, natural disasters, and regional infrastructure changes can all impact logistics and delivery options. This makes alternative shipping solutions essential for controlling logistics overhead and delivery costs.

The price of converting services can also impact the total cost of packaging, and as a paper products converter, Norkol has the ability to directly impact the cost efficacy of our processes. Using key performance indicators for continuous improvement, we look for new ways of keeping our converting operation efficient and sustainable. The less waste we produce, the lower our converting services overhead, which allows us to pass on savings to our customers.

Norkol’s Rapid Response To New Packaging Industry Demands

Alternative packaging sources and logistics solutions are only useful to the customer when they’re available on a timely basis. In order to be ready for the inevitable, Norkol stays out in front of market changes. We continually analyze market trends to help our customers remain informed, and keep possible solutions at the ready for when problems arise that may have an immediate impact on the customers we serve.

In addition to flexibility, Norkol employs a bit of market foresight when it comes to meeting changes in demand with the most cost effective packaging options. We strive to grow wherever customers need us to as technology, consumer demand, and buying behaviors change. For example, as the fast food industry grows, consumers are creating greater need for specialty paper used in fast food packaging. Spikes in demand can result in higher prices if specialty paper suppliers aren’t able to anticipate that demand and respond accordingly.

Convenience food packaging is another a growing market Norkol is watching. It’s increasingly important for packaging suppliers to provide flexible packaging options that are designed to suit a busy, mobile consumer, and we only see that demand growing over time. Our partnership with flexible packaging provider, ePac, is just one of the ways Norkol is click to find out more keeping pace with that trend and making the latest packaging technology cost effective for our customers.

Wherever market trends take us, Norkol is ready to respond with cost effective packaging solutions that keep our customers competitive. For more information on cost effective packaging at Norkol, get in touch with a packaging expert through our Contact page.